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Fig & Friends Pet Rescue 

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Every animal deserves a chance.

At Fig and Friends Pet Rescue, we believe that every furry friend deserves a loving forever home. Our mission is to connect abandoned and homeless animals with compassionate individuals and families who are ready to open their hearts and homes to a wonderful new companion.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit and any donation is tax deductible.

Fig's Story

We heard about a French Bulldog puppy sitting at a local shelter who was, well.. something wasn’t right. Actually, something was very very wrong.

This puppy had been found on the side of the road and she couldn’t walk.

It was early pandemic in the Covid era, we weren’t able to do our usual fundraisers, it was a scary time to take on a major medical case - but we knew we had to pull this dog. She stole our hearts immediately and the poor girl was helpless. We jumped in head first with no idea what we were facing, unsure if she would even survive.

Fig went into foster and we started diving into her medical expoenses. She had major surgery in Detroit to unfuse and decalcify parts of her cervical spine. She went through rehab. Little by little, Fig learned to walk. She started to understand potting training and didn't have to rely on diapers anymore. This was a huge turn for us, as far as enabling her quality of life. She can finally move and play, alone or with friends - A completely different outcome than the majority of her vets predicted.

Fig loves toys and adventures in her stroller now. She is pure innocent joy. She brings that joy and genuine smiles to everyone she meets. Her little “arf arf” bark can melt even the coldest heart. She’s our miracle. Fig won’t ever be “normal” – she won’t ever be some people’s definition of “perfect” – but to us, she is a perfect miracle.

Fig’s future is a medical mystery. We have no idea if, or when, her spine might recalcify of if her mobility will decline in that process.  All we can do is take every day and give her the best day ever for as long as she’s ours.

Fig’s mama has returned thousands of dollars in pop cans to provide for her care. Fig has been on adventures to the beach, the pool, and she has snuggled and brought happiness to so many people. Fig has found her forever home with her foster mama who can't imagine life without her.

We're partnered with Happy Cat Cafe to find loving homes for adoptable cats!

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