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Needed: A Special Home for a Special Kitty 🏡

Gorgeous Lady Marmalade was found abandoned in the bushes outside the offices of C-SNIP, scared and alone.

We swooped in to help, and now this adorable, affectionate gal is with a caring foster!

Recently, Lady Marmalade was diagnosed with severe asthma. This news was unexpected, and brought about a new challenge for our resilient kitty.

We’re trying several different courses of treatment, with inhaler medication proposed as managing her condition and keeping her healthy and happy. 🌬️

This means Lady M requires lifelong medical treatment. We’re committed to finding human(s) who will meet her healthcare needs and help her thrive! 🏡

Despite her setbacks, Lady Marmalade continues to show her sweet, affectionate, and beautiful spirit. 🥹 Initially, she may be shy, but warms up when she knows she’s among friends. She’s also able to be in a home with other kitties. We’ve no doubt she’ll make a remarkable companion for the right person or family!

Lady Marmalade's adoption fee has been sponsored by kind community members. There is no fee to adopt her! Please be aware, however, that her ongoing medical needs can be expensive.

If you know someone who has a heart for special needs kitties, please share Lady M! And if you think you’re the right purr-son for her, please email us at to arrange a meet and greet. 😺

Thanks and purrs for reading! 🧡

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